An Overview of the Republic of Cuba

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Cuba, beauty in simplicity, a haven, a paradise, an island. One of the largest Caribbean islands, Cuba is surrounded by lively beaches, lush vegetation, and a deep blue sea. Despite political hardships, economic hardship, and a huge illiteracy rate, the Cuban people continue to shine.

No Regrets: Where to go and what to do

• The beaches of Cuba are among the most beautiful in the world. For beach lovers, this is paradise. Many hotels offer 7 to 15 days of the free beach from March to October, inclusive of clean towels and umbrellas included. organize your itinerary with the help of a travel agent, and you’re on your way to a beach vacation in Cuba!

• Caribbean tours are big business and Cuba is the biggest tourist draw for this tour group. You’ll find a tour group at most resorts and it’s a good idea to speak to someone local, they can offer you tips too.

• Salsa classes are a must-do activity for tourists. Go to the ‘Cuba Music’ café in Havana, Mangano, Prague, or even one in Miami, to learn and practice your Spanish. You’ll find that the experience is enriching and inspiring.

• The seafood is outstanding and, there’s plenty of it. Explore the Malecon, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth a twice-cooked, fresh octopus, just for you.

• Cuba is a mixed island, with a plethora of nature on one side and somewhere the city stands on the other. This is not such a bad thing. The city isn’t towering over everything, plenty of space for you to run, relax, and there are street corners to explore, too.

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That sounds like fun, let’s go!

But, of course, the most important thing to note is that when you embark on your trip to Cuba, you’re going to be doing something you’ll never forget. Smell the flowers, feel the tropical weather, hear the rhythmic beats of the Spanish Havana.

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