Asheville, North Carolina — Perfect For Family Vacations, Golf, And Fun

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Asheville, NC is a great place to visit and stay. The large city is nestled in the mountains and is full of fun and exciting things to do. This article will tell you more about Asheville, what you can do while you are there, and what to do when you are done.

The historic downtown and beaches of Asheville make Asheville an ideal destination for families. The downtown area has several children’s museums, championship golf courses and plenty of shopping. Many of the restaurants in downtown Asheville have indoor play areas and the whole family can eat outdoors. Many of the hotels in Asheville offer kids and babysitting services. I hope you already saw my post about the Top 5 places to see in North America. Check out if not.

Asheville’s park

An attraction in Asheville is the Historic Mountains Park (HMP). The HMP occupies some 30 acres and is the largest portion of the original Biltmore Estate that was donated by commerce impact Bruce Danishloon. The park includes a variety of events such as musical performances, nighttime concerts, and the daily Candlelight Graveyard Tour. It is also the site of the 2004 Miss America pageant.

Some cinema

No vacation to Asheville is complete without a visit to an IMAX theater. Several Asheville theaters offer IMAX shows. There are also a half-dozen or so IMAX theaters in the Research Triangle region. IMAX theaters often have special children’s programs and visiting a movie at an IMAX theater is a great way to showcase your child’s life and story to your friends and family.

Music festival

Enjoy music performed by the Bluegrass Players, or visit the Zen Center, the Scottish Highland Games, and the Western North Carolina Strawberry Festival, among many other events. The Zen Center regularly hosts the Carolina Strawberry Festival. It’s the largest event in the area and draws half a million people each year.

Some food

Burger Grill on the Riverwalk is an awesome restaurant for all ages. The edgy atmosphere attracts people from all walks of life. Those under 40 prefer the more casual environment of the old school candy and breakfast era. But it is the adults that are the most inquisitive. More than 60,000 people go through the three walls of this art gallery annually.


Speaking of galleries, The Arts at East Carolina is one of the leading centers of art and culture in the area. It offers a range of programs and exhibits. Its mission is to promote the expression of art in public settings. It does not matter whether you are interested in dance, visual art, or film. The three areas are varied and offer a radical approach to eye candy, fresh voices, and point of difference.

Many kinds of shops 

Downtown Asheville is a fabulous place to stay and shop, but there are also a variety of excellent restaurants and nightlife. As the home of several fortune 500 companies, as well as a host of other major corporations, it is a good place to make connections and learn about a truly American city.

After a long day of meetings, take a trip to gift shop inventors and retailers. Asheville is a gracious hostel staff and shopkeepers who always have something reasonably priced to give you. One of the chief gift shops is Sur La Noodle. They carry a wide selection of hand and face massages and candles. They also hand wash and dry your clothes for a discount. Buffalo Bill’s, not to be missed, is famous throughout the U.S. and offers a full-service bar. Go for the Elvis vibe. It’s a short walk from the center of town. Elvis used to have a store there, too. Much more upscale, but still perfectly suited for the journeyman with a fondness for shiny things.

Want the inside scoop on events and attractions? Look at the Asheville Visitors Bureau. It is a good source for locals to answer questions and arrange tours. It is filled with details on area attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more. An Asheville, NC vacation home may be close at hand. When exact details are required, the Asheville Visitors Bureau has a direct way to get in touch with the property owner and get all the details.


There are so many things to do in this outdoor beauty. Sports are very popular in Asheville, playing host to many top-level professional teams and teams in the country. Many of the teams have iconic home stadiums in Asheville. Visitors can go to one of Asheville’s Tenciways (at many times auto, dynamo, and other modes of transportation) to enjoy a sport on any given day. The Asheville Civic Center is a major venue and is the main civic gathering place in Asheville. Check out my article about great deals for happy traveling.