Best Places to Live in Texas

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Like most states in America, Texas is home to many different areas, each one offering a unique experience. Of the many areas Texas has to offer, six are considered “metropolitan areas,” which are any large city. These six cities are Austin, Bastrop, Houston, San Antonio, Round Rock, uptown, and downtown Houston.

The Huston area

For many people, Austin is the first place they consider when wanting to consider living anywhere in the state. This might be for reasons of cost of living, or personal preference. Other lifestyle configurations are considered “exurban,” which are usually found in more rural areas. Texas’s larger cities are known for their amenities, which generally come with a lot of options for dining, lodging, shopping, and the like.

Bastrop is located within the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area. This area has been known to be cheaper and more personable than some of the more well-known suburban destinations. Bastrop is a laid-back, friendly community that makes living in Texas a real bargain. Bastrop’s residents enjoy working in diverse fields including healthcare, IT, and professional services. The Bastrop area has been known to be a nice place to settle down.

This Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area has been called the “ultimate retirement community.” Many Bastrop residents work in sound-proof offices and enjoy working in a Blanket-lined office (usually about 10 feet above ground). Others work in landscaping and live in comfortable houses that may be within 500 feet of a park. The neighborhoods and towns in the area are richly historical, though much of the residential development seems to be in aboriginal areas.

In Texas’ panhandle region is the bustling city of Round Rock. This city is located in the middle of the panhandle’s vast expanse. A wide range of industries’ titans calls this TX metro area home. The cities of Round Rock and Dilworth are renowned for their economic and educational strengths. Check out my post about city passes, it would be useful.

The Downtown of Huston

Downtown Houston is also a great place to live. The laid-back atmosphere of this area is a big part of its long-standing popularity. Just a few miles from the center of the Houston metro area is the bustling center of Houston called Bayou Bend. Just outside of the bayou Bend area is the NASA space launch facility.

Downtown Houston, Texas is considered a “hotbed” for culture, science, and industry. Just outside of the downtown area is the NASA space launch facility. Just a few miles from the center of the Houston metro area is the famed Bayou Bend. Bird Lawyer Institute and the Institute for Space Studies are located here. The museums inside of the bayou Bend are a wealth of artifacts related to Texas and the city’s history. Just a short drive from the center of the urban area is the space center.

Downtown Houston, Texas has Judge John gearing up for a reenactment of television sports, hopefully including the Gulf flood that helped relief effort during the winter and gulf hurricane in AugustHurricane Katrina. Forecasts are that the Gulf will be a more active year than the 1990s.

The non-snow portion of the Houston Livestock Shows and heritage Walk of Fame is making its way to Planet Park at the Chanhous Station, Houston. This outdoor museum provides presentations on a whole spectrum of topics about the lives and works of America’s most respected showmen, producers, and entrepreneurs.

Other places in Houston to visit

Houston Zoo Center, housed at the Houston Zoo Preserve, is the largest metropolitan zoo in the country. Award-winning animal behavior centers like the Northwest Alligator Sanctuary, successfully managing over 700 exotic toads, 200 species of frogs and batons, and many other species. Right now, the Houston Zoo Center is also launching Rise and Shine, an internal program to help new emerging professionals develop their careers.

Galveston Island is known as “Discovery Cove” and regularly hosts shows and other attractions by Galveston Island Theatre. Also, use my tips on how to book a restaurant while on a vacation.

The Bayou Bend isn’t simply a boat ride. A separate boat is required. The Bayou Bend is aisle where you can walk, an indoor aquatics facility, a theater, and right before you lay the bayou.