Dining and Drinking in Paris

Bridge in paris during night time

Cafe Flore and Deux Magots are both great places to meet singles and locals willing to sit down and chat. Buy a fancy coffee and the newspaper and sit down for a bit. This is not some hot pick-up spot, however. The owners and managers of both cafés are very friendly and welcoming and consider their cafés family-friendly.

Top places to visit for dinner in Paris

Most people I’ve shown books to have bought a copy of ‘City Men’ by Richard Sieniault. The book is written in a conversational style and makes for good reading, whether you’re in a bookstore or a coffee shop.

The book offers a glimpse into the lives of Parisian bartenders and bartenders working at one of the downtown restaurants. There are sections on the job, tips for a new hire, and the life of a waiter. The book also has sections on what to do in the kitchen and what to wear while at work. The pictures in the book are extremely well selected and set up to encourage the reader to visualize what it is like to work in the kitchen.

The sections I’ve written best describe the evenings I spent in cafes and the food I’ve eaten along the way. The writing is as enjoyable as the pictures and the descriptions are informative.

A great tool to have when you visit cafes in Paris is a filter for coffee. Many of the traditional methods of espresso are techniques that are thousands of years old. If you’re lucky to find an authentic sliced donut with sugar and crisp donut holes in it, you’re drinking ancient ground coffee. If you’re unfortunate enough to find a floating donut then your day is most likely going to be a landfill one way or another.

I found a great latte in a quaint café in Paris. The coffee was good, the wait was unreasonable, and the cup was only good because it had melted in the hotter water filling process used to make coffee. Unless you’re accustomed to accenting coffee, the taste may seem lack compared to other coffee. Most coffees are not served in a cup, but other hot drinks often come served in a glass. You can drink your coffee with a straw and let the steam do its work to prepare a better cup of coffee. Steamer trays are a waste of space that might be useful for carrying condensation. You’re best off using a filter.

I’ve found that the best way to drink your coffee if you’re not in the habit of focusing on the taste of your cup is to brew a bit of coffee at a time. If you tend to only drink coffee half-heartedly half-way through your meal, you can get yourself into a deeper and better coffee. Before you order your food, walk around your table and see what the different soils are like; you’ll be able to judge if the food is well prepared or not. If you’re served an ice-cold cosmo, take a couple of sips of water to replenish the plasma that might be building up in your body.

Never drink tap water

Even in restaurants and hotels, tap water is often suspect, frequently contaminated with other elements than its natural source. If it’s not bad, it’s probably safe to drink it. Don’t even drink it if it comes in a glass. You can’t be certain what other bacteria and viruses have entered the water as a result of handling it.

If you have health problems associated with poor health practices such as poor diet or heavy exertion during your job, you’re encouraged to visit a doctor. Treatments for some of these conditions depend on your medical insurance or government health plan. If you can prove that you’re a foreigner working in a foreign country, you might be eligible for a special temporary travel medical insurance.

If you need a prescription, then contact the American Medical Services (ASMA) to determine if a foreign patient privilege exists and what documentation you’ll need to obtain one. Asma often has language-specific listings.

If you speak English, you might be able to apply for a license from the American Medical Association (AMA). If not, find out with your hotel or hostel provider who can order an English translation of the appropriate paperwork.

If you don’t speak the language, suggest to your hostel or hotel that you get a gestor, someone who can order a translation from the medical translation service. Some hospitals will encourage you to use the services of a medical translation service. Costs might be minimal as long as you can afford it.


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