Dining in Kensington at Its Best

Cafe on the street

Kensington is arguably one of London’s major tourist accommodation centers so, understandably, many visitors tend to rely on Kensington as their mode of transport to and from the City. It is a very place to stay and an extremely busy business center and office location.

But even if you are a relative newcomer to the area and are thus not able to spot the numerous tourist attractions on offer around Kensington, you will still no doubt be able to get a general impression of this familiar and comfortable area.

Where you should start your journey

An escorted bus makes an ideal starting point for a journey through the complex. With a few hours to spare, you can catch up with the delights of the park and continue your exploration of the town.

There are a host of eateries and bars in Kensington, including the famous aimed and grown old lake, just around the corner. At Thenings you can sample some of the real food from the British diet, such as scrambled eggs, ham and cheese to even wild fruit.

However, you should also venture out of Thenings and around the corner to St. James, Kensington’s main nightclub. The St. James Bar is also a renowned music venue.

It is open every day, from sunrise to sunset, and often has a live performance on the stage. Proprietor Mark Hix’s dream venue seems never to close and is always filled with thirsty folk keen to join the band on stage.

Another such nightclub is Fat Cat Cabaret, an authentic cabaret that sports three main rooms, a huge balcony, and a snack bar. Fat Cat has been a renowned haunt of the upper class for decades, so is a great place to see some of the more famous of London’s actors and entertainers.

These are just a few of Kensington’s main entertainment venues. You’re bound to find many more, particularly if you explore round the clock.

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