Discover the Celebrity chef in You

Celebrity chef on Santorini - Thaitraveltalk

These days, chefs are no longer just a bunch of glamorous individuals with an extra standard of living. Their numbers are growing, their skill levels are increasing, and more people are becoming curious about the methods they follow in the kitchen. They’ve also cultivated a reputation for being difficult, which may deter some would-be chefs. But here are some of the more important considerations that distinguish those who are truly extraordinary from the rest. Whether you’re dreaming of working with celebrity chefs or working in a real kitchen, here are some of the tips that show you how to be a chef. I used these tips on my recent trips to Cuba and Malta. Read those posts to get some info about these beautiful countries!

Memorize this list

No matter how good a chef you are, no one walks into a restaurant expecting to be Magua or Hong Kong. The first step is to read the menu. This doesn’t mean that you need to know the caliber of dishes being offered, but it helps you pick out the best ingredients. If you can get past the looks of frightened diners staggering around on the conveyor belt, you can find great bread, cheese, mushrooms, etc. But don’t taste the food while you’re there. Take notes and bring them home to make note of other menu items.

Call the restaurant

When you make reservations, mention that you saw their menu online (but didn’t make reservations). On the off chance that they don’t have online reservations, stress that you will call. There have been many problems with restaurants who’ve suddenly started taking reservations from online. Many people can make reservations online even with a nominal investment in their time.

Gather the ingredients

Everything that you need for your food program is available in the local market. This includes spices, customizable items, and the proper equipment. quant cooking ezines and roastery subscriptions will afford you the luxury of having experts guide you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Choose restaurants with online booking

Avoid those restaurants that require you to make your reservations. Those are mainly tourist traps. The ones that do have online booking, tend to be better all around. One more thing, always double-check before leaving for your trip, the food quality. You want to be able to buy the rice in the airport, and not have to spend extra for it.

Of course, you don’t need this information when traveling by train, as I did in my recent post :).