Dreaming About Amazon Jungle Tours

Bridge in the Amazon jungles

The duration of Amazon Jungle Tours normally varies from 2 to 6 days depending on your starting point. If you start from Pantanal, the best option is to take a 2 days tour to the Mbilaxa Reserve of the Corcovado National Park. The tours are tough since the Amazon Jungle is almost non-persistent. In order to avoid missing the best time to leave the jungle and come back, it is better to book the tours in Advance.

Rumble in the jungle

The best starting point to do the tour is on the road to Aguas Calientes. The reserve is connected to the park by the Pan American Highway meaning that you can easily reach the reserve by car. If you take a flight you will have to return to the airport in Lima in the evening and arrive in the morning in Pausa.

Being non-reservable, the reserve is limited to a few fixed hotels. The Lodge da Amazonia is the most luxurious and comfortable of them all. It has a spa, a swimming pool, a grill, an outside deck for terraces, and an onsite restaurant. The price includes a 2 days holiday in the jungle and free lunch.

The Hostal da Amazonia is less popular than the lodge, but it is also a good accommodation option for those who like to travel around to different lodges on the same resort. The rooms are not the best, but they are clean and come in shades. youngsters can also enjoy the swimming pool and outside deck. The tour includes a 2 days holiday in the jungle.

The Tambopata Reserve (also known as Tiwanaboclo) can be found in the path between Bonanza and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The cloud forest is a paradise of nature and is filled with small rainforest pockets. Here, you can find monkeys, black caimans, three species of ferns, and a variety of hummingbirds. The rainforest is kept moist by the rain stopped by the caimans, a sister tree to the sal Amazon.

You can reach the Tambopata by taking the Transilvado Corredo from Lima.

The last option is the Huambutani Eco-Tourism Experience which covers the same land as the Tambopata Reserve. It is a harder option to get to the reserve because you have to climb 2,000 Andes up a mountain. Moreover, it is generally discounted by hotels and companies. If you are interested to find out whether there is any point to the eco-tourism in the Andes, you can find it here.

Is your horseback riding in mind?

You can start your horseback riding tour in the cloud forests and from the snow peaks, using the equestrian roads. You will get a thorough experience of the high Andean mountain. You can have a very close encounter with the Andean scenery, without suffering from ground transport.

You can opt for a 4×4 tour too if you think that your companions are not enjoying the walk.

Visit the Verde Valley

The Verde Valley is one of the Last Resorts of the Incas. You can explore the toward the south, where the towns are situated. You will enjoy a pleasant and modest climate.

These are the best options that you need to take part in order to get the best pictures of Peru. You can experiment with your creativity and find the landscape that you like.

Visiting this country will not be a waste of time. The same feelings I have while traveling in Vietnam and in the Republic of Cuba.

It is the perfect destination for people who desperately want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and simply enjoy a quiet and peaceful time.