Historical Trips To Spectacular Halong Bay

Vietnam man on the cow

It’s well worth exploring the numerous attractions of Halong Bay, Vietnam; such as the mystical “Kar navigate”, ancient fishing nets, quaint villages, and Halong floating markets. With many incredible features only an hour’s flight away it’s no wonder the region has attracted countless visitors for years, perhaps only the latest being the hordes of tourists visiting during the April Festival of Unknownoppers.

Known as the “Sphere of the Moon” and having a claimed September location, although some sources suggest it should be closer to 1000 meters below rather than 1,000 meters above it! Much like the many mystical places dotted around the world, there is much more to discover in the area.

Here are some itineraries to get you started; although many of these are not destination-oriented, much can be explored in the three hours between Lhasa and Taiyuan.

The Ancient Pagoda Gendarme

Built-in the 6th century, the Jade Buddha Pagoda is considered the most famous in all of Halong Bay. Also known as the thousand Buddha Pyramids, you will have to walk up a pilgrimage path to see these wonderful monuments and if you do arrive early you’ll be able to catch the ambiance of this holy place.

The Naxi Pinang Hill

Naxi hill is a hill that takes its name from the legendary creature that once lived in the area. There are great gardens here and a museum, where many examples of Naxi crafts are on show. The hillside village of Taijiang is also known as “the fishbone village” and is surrounded by leisurely promenades of much of the hillside community.

Taijiang County

Taijiang County is in the northern Guangxi Province and is home to the Naxi people. This area has a very European feel when compared to most of the rest of the county. You will also see French, Italian, and Japanese beforehand. The main attraction is the Naxi porcelain Buddha which dominates the skyline.

Naxi Nationality Village

The Naxi people have been here for about 10,000 years, and like their counterparts in nearby countries, are to be found in the minority. This means that cultural practices and traditions here are still quite primitive, and it is nothing like as glamorous as the western world. You will see a quite large number of folk houses and half-timbered roofs. You will also see dances and cultural shows.

Rainbow Village

From the bamboo rafting to the boarding to the Trinidad Ramble, the Rainbow Village has activities for people of all ages and abilities. It’s a great place to learn about the environment and how the Naxi people have coped with its challenging environment by embracing technology and tourism.

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