How to Make the Most of Your Spain Vacation

View on a Alicante Spain

Even though more and more countries are to start selling winter holiday packages, the idea remains a popular way of escaping the fierce cold of winter. Few places seem more equipped to deal with the matter than Spain.

Spain has a huge number of climate-controlled winter cabin flanges stretching across the length and breadth of the country, most of which are based either on the Mediterranean coast or the Drakensberg mountains.

With cabin flanges at a premium, many visitors turn their attention to the comfort level afforded by a Spanish cabin blanket. Made from lightweight wool blankets, they have a heavy covering of fleece and are usually herself wrapped in a warm heavy blanket.

Sunny beaches

Cagliari’s summer beach months see more than their fair share of cooling tower buildings, but during the rest of the year, these lovely objects fiesta architecture draw the crowds. Besides, who wouldn’t be drawn to a building that was designed to provide complete comfort, luxurious amenities, and a place to unwind? These beaches remind me of my trip to the islands, the same feeling.

The building is vast, comprising luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, the latest interior fittings, an in-built gym, a sauna, and a relaxation area complete with a pool’s maintenance area. There is also a range of additional leisure facilities, such as a drama club, swimming pool, and spa.

The accommodation is Sephardic in orientation, ensuring a pleasant coastal breeze and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. The gastronomy is sophisticated and catering to diverse tastes.

The resort was established on the picturesque south coast of the island, at a tiny place called Punta Prima. The town is both proud and humble. It was originally founded as a small fishing village but now boasts a thriving summer tourist trade in accommodation and restaurants.

The place is equally loved for the setting of its 17 restaurants, which provide top-class service, and for the way it has forgone its traditional attachment to agriculture. Most restaurants have a nave, or breaker, set out with unusual freshness looking out on to the sea. These are just a few of the top-rating restaurants, all of which provide spectacular views.

Gran Canaria consists of ten districts, six of which are shown on the stately carvings. Each district has its theme and each building is in keeping with the particular taste of the district.

For example, the El factor is ideal for relaxing holidays in villas near the sea, while also having easy access to El Lumal, and the composting of the evening coffee in front of the Robolaio. Also ideal is the Sitges Restaurant, which deals well with the important elements of local cooking – i.e. not routine and not a single menu to choose from. The Sitges Restaurant is a wonderful option for lunch or dinner if you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town center.

Shopping is wonderful in Altea and if you visit in the warm months when the iniquitous winter months are in full swing, you will not be disappointed. The traditional Cypriot shops are cash cows only too during the winter months, but when the warm weather takes over they transform into a full-on retail escape. You can shell out thousands of pounds for designer clothing, expensive handbags and shoes, designer pots and pans, jewelry, electronic items, simulator games, Grande Holidays tea, and English breakfasts. Everything you would want to buy, and probably more.

If you’re prepared to queue up like sardines in the tourist shops on airport arrival, you will find yourself with the Mediterranean if not the Caribbean on your face. All the little shops that sell fruit and vegetables, an Italian pasta, premium meats and olive oils, handloom fabrics.


An essential place to get a feel for the island is a shrimp boat on the eastern boundary. For a modest fee, you can climb aboard and either observe or partake in the culinary ties of the chef. Afterward, somewhere in the surroundings, you can buy some fresh from the sea shrimp and lobsters. There are also a lot of great little hotels and restaurants to fall for, as well as some fabulous beaches.


Camping out is another must-try while visiting Menorca. Villa holidays on the island are ideal if you are keen to let your hair down. The island is less than 2 square miles so a camping spot of any sort is not far away. If you want to stay near the coastline then the Cala Pregondina is an ideal spot with views of the crashing waves, ideal for families with small children.

Boat holidays are also ideal for the more adventurous traveler, but if you are more of a backpacker, a secluded picnic in a cove shouldn’t be too hard to find. For those who like more exotic places, I recommend visiting Vietnam.