If You’re Going to Malta, Be Sure to See… 

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Maqluba is a sink hole just at the edge of the village of Qrendi, in the southeast part of the island. If a sinkhole sounds like a strange place to visit, it is. But it’s a pleasant green oasis in the yellow sandstone desert of the rest of the island, and Maqluba has a story that’s worth the trip.

You’ll find a church at the edge of the abyss. A charming local legend has it that Maqluba once was a very wicked city, even more, wicked than Sodom and Gomorrah. God asked a pious woman to tell the village that if they didn’t repent and stop their evil ways, he would vent his wrath on the city. The woman tried to warn the populace but they ignored her. One day God sent the city to hell. Satan didn’t want it either, so he sent it back up. Now it’s forever suspended between heaven and hell. When a local child asks where he or she came from, the parents will say they found him in Maqluba.

Geologists and historians disagree about when the sinkhole occurred, but the most popular guess is the 14th Century. The only way to get to the bottom is by a very dangerous stairway that has become unusable without climbing equipment. For this reason, it is remote. Environmentalists everywhere can cheer for the lucky accident. Several varieties of trees and flowers can be found there that cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Local plant biologists are hopeful that Maqluba can become a greenhouse for reintroducing these species back to the rest of the island.

To get to Maqluba, sophistication, and experience are required. The upper-class tourist shops sell smart label designer clothes, expensive jewelry, electronic gadgets, and other luxurious items. The equivalent of these sorts of things would be placed in a five-star hotel. Both the diving and snorkeling are incredibly dangerous, and serious injuries or illness can happen easily. So, it’s important to think about scuba gear, but also be careful. barrels of insecticide was found in the sea, so wearing protective masks overexposed areas may be advisable.

To some people, Maqluba is not just a trendy spa resort. It’s a place to meet fascinating new people. Many tourists are there for the honeymoon. Maqluba is also a great place for second honeymooners to meet cute local girls for a winter Sunday afternoon picnic. What better place to meet new friends, than on a warm, sunny beach in December? Also, check out my lovely review of the Republic of Cuba. It’ s a great country as well.

St Johns Cathedral

The St Johns Cathedral in Cornwall is Maqluba’s most impressive building. The cathedral is a gothic-style building with a series of five insinuated chapels, dedicated to the five elements: earth, heaven, air, water, and fire.

There is a chapel at the southern portion of the site, where diversions away from the main structure are placed by architect Sir William Playfair Rogers. Aanderwick Bridge crosses the chilly river Kwai, nearby. 

Another Bridge of Lions, the only one in Britain, can also be found in Maqluba. It was put into place in the 13th century and is a fine example of Indo-British styling.

Several interesting museums in Maqluba can be visited and enjoyed, including the Museum of the Cape furbish, the Museum of Human Life in the Ages, the Cathedral Museum, and the Museum of the Expulsion of the Innocents. Many visitors enjoy a stroll through the village and along the excellent beaches in nearby Santo. One of the highlights of Maqluba is the weekly Carob Restaurant in Song Saa, which is renowned for its Sumptuous crabs, and other superb seafood. Don’t forget to read my post about Travel Passes. It might be useful when traveling on your own.

Fort Bullen

Fort Bullen, located in the village of Issyk, is also a great place to pay a short visit or stay for a longer period. The village is a remarkable site that has retained much of its original culture and historical appeal. Within the village, there are three interesting museums: the Museum of the Affairs of God, the Museum of ages, and the Museum of handmade knick-knacks. Besides, a ‘Heminus Column’, dating back to the times of the Roman settlement, can be found.

If you are visiting Maqluba during spring, you may be treated to a magnificent display of spring wildflowers in a nearby garden. It was truly fantastic, trust me. The same feeling I have when we traveled on the train. See you in the next travel posts!

Other seasonal activities include canoeing and rafting, or you may prefer to explore the island in a full-blown stereotype hot-air balloon!