Luxury Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon on a sunset

Planning a wedding can be an exceptionally daunting and trying experience. You have to plan everything from start to finish, often taking months before the big day. But there are two things you have to look forward to, spending the rest of your life with your loved one and your honeymoon. We have compiled a list of the top luxury honeymoon destinations around the world, so you can start planning your adventure soon.

Spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka

You must not forget to mention the incredibly beautiful beaches when listing places for honeymooners, but places like Sri Lanka do not disappoint. Beautiful leeward coasts, unspoiled jungles, and amazing sceneries are what you will find in Sri Lanka.

You can stay in the best hotels in Sri Lanka which ensures you have an exceptional and unique honeymoon experience. Some of the best hotels include the popular Ta Barsa, which is located on the northern tip of the island. It is also a perfect spot for wedding parties and honeymoon suites.

Do a Safari in Africa

Disadvantage: man-made attractions

Races, festivals, museums, and man-made attractions can get expensive so you should keep on the lookout for the good places to visit. You should also include the Garden Route, the Kruger National Park, and the suits in South Africa in your travel plans. If you choose any of these places, you will be able to watch the natural beauty refuel in your travels.

Find Peace and Solitude in India

India is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. It provides you a unique opportunity to explore the culture and traditions of the country. Simply because a lot of people consider India a part of Asia, there are a lot of versions of festivals for you to attend.

The lotus festival not only allows you to witness the cultural practices but also offers a memorable experience. It is also important to note that India allows tourists from other countries to enter the country with a visa. So, you can visit the Taj Mahal and get a bird’s eye view of Agra from the Indian geography.

Kamini angling: if you are keen on fishing, you can get an all-season angling experience in Kanini. The shimmering waters will offer you the opportunity to bonefish such as mackerel, tuna, whiting, and bluefish.

Make your way to the golden beaches

Dubai- and this is just a mere endorsement- has a lot more to offer. The Palm and Beach clean golden sands will glisten you with the golden sands and the mild climate will allow you to winter there. And you have the option to visit the desert on foot like the Moosa Beach, or you can hop on a campervan and visit the Jumeirah Beach. Despite owning a luxury holiday property in Dubai, you can still indulge in a beach vacation and enjoy sand and sea without spending too much money on accommodation.

The beaches will satisfy your desire for skating on the sand and surf- the best locations are the French Islands and Mauritius! You can visit both these islands and plan a shore excursion through the guide books. In Mauritius, you will get stunning beaches; while in the French Islands you will revel in some of the best resorts that will be found around the globe.

Dive into the deep blue sea and rich coral reefs

Never leave the land void! The perfect destination for those who love the rugged coastlines and rich coral reefs of the world. Go snorkeling and explore the rich marine life that thrives on these beaches. The holiday destination is filled with these kinds of attractions and more. Just make sure you gate your trip with proper care and attention.

Investigate the history of the land

A land excursion across the globe can certainly be a wonderful experience. The locales and the climates of the places you visit have an extraordinary story to tell. The locales in Mauritius and France alike hold a distinct culture and heritage. A lot of research has to be made sure the holiday destination does not disturb your peace.

The beaches along the way

When choosing the best beach destination, you have to consider the time of the year and the costs involved. Generally, the longer holiday stay and the more energetic waves on the shore tend to be versus the smaller pools and clear waters on the coast in Greece and Croatia.

Head for the mountains

With a lot of research and planning, you can easily plan an exciting hike or trail in the mountains. The Rocky Mountains in Canada, the peak hours lesser than three pm in most parts of the United Kingdom, or any peak hours in the world are where you must be to appreciate the special dragon’s Delight! (haha, kidding). Seriously, go back and check out discounted rates for high altitude resorts if you are getting too tempted to rush to the mountains.

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