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Pattaya Beach —

Pattaya is one of the largest cities for tourism that can be found in the country of Thailand. Physically, Pattaya is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is Southeast of the country’s capital, Bangkok. With wonderful attractions offered, much of the city’s economy consists of tourism. If you are interested in visiting Thailand, chances are that you may want to think about visiting the city of Pattaya. This city has a lot to offer to its tourists, which is the reason that it has become such a popular tourist attraction recently. Here, we will take a much closer look at some of the main attractions that Pattaya has to offer to its tourists, to help you determine whether or not vacationing in this city may be a decision that you may want to make in the future.

The best beaches in Pattaya

Pattaya Beach is a favorite spot of many tourists, and it is also the most popular beach that Pattaya, Thailand has to offer. Since it is located near shopping centers, bars, and hotels, it has become very popular among tourists. Unfortunately, it is often hard for many to get a spot on the sand, due to its popularity. Jomtien Beach is another one of the beaches which Pattaya has to offer. While it does offer some hotels and restaurants, Jomtien is mainly an area where people own summer homes. It is typically easier to find a spot on the sand at this beach than at Pattaya Beach. Jomtien Beach is also a good place to relax, as there are many facilities which a tourist may need, such as a restaurant, a bar, or even a live disco.

Pattaya Elephant Village is a site located just outside of the city of Pattaya. Here, you will find elephants living in a natural environment. Unfortunately, tours of the elephant village will be followed by an introduction of the Thai language, so it may not be suitable for those who are not familiar with the Thai language.

Pattaya Aquarium and Marine World is another big attraction that may be worth a visit. This aquarium is filled with different kinds of fishes and sharks. It is considered to be one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Dusit Zoo is a smaller place, but it is considered to be one of the best. Here, you will find leopards, tigers, lions, and bears. The exhibits which they have to offer are considered to be the most realistic natural environments.

Ripley’s Believe it or, Not is similar to the Tin House in California. Here, you will find hundreds of toys, attempting to recreate everyday objects. It may be worth a visit.

The nightlife of the Pattaya

The variety of nightlife in Pattaya extends beyond the traditional bars and clubs. There are also many more hotels and resorts which offer a variety of entertainment options.

Pattaya Elephant Village can be found along the tourist route of Lumpini Park. The village is supposed to be a replica of a village found in Thailand. It contains many restaurants and shops and even a haunted house. Many of the residents there have lost their jobs as the Bangkok economy has declined dramatically over the past couple of years. The gloomy view is reflective of the image that Thailand has once had, but it seems that things may be getting back on track.

If you are interested in visiting Thailand, then you may want to think about the below places which are considered to be must-see places in that country.

Pattaya is one of the top places that holidaymakers can visit. The city has a Mediterranean climate, and it is known to be a shopping paradise. The city has an old European feel to it, as it was once occupied by the Romans. Pattaya is referred to as the city of bows because there are a huge number of tourists who flock to the city year-round. The city is the well-known home of many tour operators. The operators here can arrange packages that can be customized to fit the needs of the groups visiting the city. The city is brimming with a huge number of hotels and resorts. Among these hotels, the Anara Resort is considered to be one of the best.

The Ayala Land Luxury Resort and Spa is also located in Pattaya and is considered to be a world-class resort. Staying here is beyond your imagination. The rooms of the resort have elephant seats and lounge tables that overlook the clear blue waters of the sea.

The Royal A Villa Resort is amongst one of the popular among the luxury holiday villas in Pattaya. The accommodation is situated on the beach resort at a convenient distance from the town. The resort is advertised as the dream holiday accommodation that offers. The Royal A Villa is a family-owned and operated business. The accommodation includes a spa car, which provides facial treatment, hair-care services, and fitness facilities. The gastronomic amenities are also included in the package.

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