Things to Look for in Tourism Packages to a Hill Station

Man walking in mountains

Hill stations are considered the perfect spots for spending vacations. The relaxing weather and romantic atmosphere of these places are ideal for people looking for a place where they can enjoy their time either with friends and family or with their life partners.

This is the reason why hill stations are considered perfect for vacation and are frequently visited by tourists. Manali, being a hill station located in the north of India, is also an excellent vacation spot for tourists, which is visited all year round by tourists coming from all over the world.

Visiting Manali, especially in spring, when the rainy season is in full swing, can be a real treat for newlyweds. The place has become so popular with couples that it has become known as one of the best honeymoon spots in India. Couples from all over India and all over the world flock to Manali to spend their honeymoon. The constant rise in the status of Manali as a tourism hub has resulted in many companies offering very attractive tourism packages. However, not all of these packages are worth their hefty prices. The following are some of the factors considering which can help a person in choosing the best tour package for his visit to Manali.

Amount of Services Offered

The most important factor that must be looked out in a tourism package before buying it is to have a look at the number of services that are being offered to you in it. The more the services and facilities are being extended to you in a package, the more memorable your tour to the place will be. However, it is important to keep in mind that tourism packages that do not offer a lot of services and facilities might not be very suitable if a person is planning a family tour.

Quality of Accommodation and Transportation

Another important aspect to look out for when choosing a tourism package that can make your trip to Manali a memorable one is the quality of accommodation and transportation offered in the package. If the hotel stay offered in the package is not of very good quality, the tourist may easily lose out on the enjoyment of the visit. Also, very few of the newlywed couples plan their holiday trips well in advance, which mainly results in a compromise being inevitable.


Another very important aspect that must be considered when picking a tourism package for your visit to Manali is sightseeing because the place hosts a lot of magnificent statues and statues that you can enjoy and see during your stay. The Kullu Manali Tourism Complex is a must-see for all tourists.

The first time should try to visit the Manali Tourism Complex before booking a tourism package because, at this point, you will have to spend some quality time and make a personal visit to the Deep Valley Temple, the Himmatgarh Tower, and the Khonghampat Lake.

The following are some important tours and sightseeing adventures that you can offer to your family and friends to ensure that the visit to Manali will remain unforgettable:

Trekking tours wherein a person can take a bath in the Ganga, and at the same time, walk along the slope of the hill station for some more than a kilometer along the river.

The Ganga Jogling tour will take you to the barrage of the sacred river, where you will have the opportunity to see the silver sands changing their silvery color, following their laws of the river.

The River Yamuna, which is famous for its various kinds of adventures, will take you on a scenic ride on the reeds.

The Camel Safari will see you visiting the different historical places of the hill station, and at the same time, amuse you with camel rides.

Some more tours and adventures can be offered to the tourists, but of course, it is better to see all of them in one visit.

Tours to Manali must be booked, as the place is filled with all sorts of wild animals and birds, like the ponies and the wild boar.

Tourists, who are interested in the nutrition of the place, can stop at the figures of the mid-range, for the sake of avoiding the higher prices.

Moving ahead with the journey, the road to the town of Manali will prove to be just too much for you, so, better book an auto-rickshaw from the nearby region, where you will not need to worry about the condition of the roads.

In the end, it is up to you to choose the most suitable tour package for your visit to Manali, but as a rule, you will not lose your precious time on the way.

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