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Vietnamese people harvesting salt

“Where China is concerned, let China eat well,” is a popular comment heard from expatriates all around the world. It’s easy to understand where they’re coming from – eating well during any given year tends to be a little tricky. Here are seven seasons of eating out in Vietnam that pack a punch!

Lunar New Year

Usually in Jan.-Feb, depending on the lunar calendar. The first to kick things off here will be the Chinese New Year. Tourists and locals will be graciously accepting of any plate of dumplings you buy for the big celebration. And there’s no doubt that this is one of the best places to buy good and authentic ingredients. The streets of the old city will be bustling with vendors, ready to sell traditional soup lockers (just say ‘bok’ in Vietnam) and fresh vegetables hanging in front of their stalls. If you grab one, the aromas from the vegetables will fill your mouth. If you’re brave, try a bowl of broth with accompanying condiments as a dip. You won’t be disappointed.

Harvest festival

It’s a harvest festival time in Vietnam again! This year the harvest festival falls on April 21, which is the second Saturday in January. In the US it would be considered mid-March, but in Vietnam, it is considered the end of March. To maximize your chances of securing a good place to eat out, book a table at a local restaurant at this time of year.

Vietnam’s most famous dish is the Dole Hao Chicken Rice. This dish is a combination of chicken, herbs, and vegetables all blended into a phyllo-like rice cake. Legend says that Princeorously dressed women will receive maximum wedgie for sacrificing their last candle. Another reason why banquet venues in Vietnam are crowded during this festival is that it is the biggest holiday of the year!

Thanaka day

Thungan Winter (also known as Turtle Festival) is a festival for bringing back old traditions. The thanaka is ceremoniously burned on the first day of January in most Buddhist countries. Normally the thanaka is made by coating a brick with burning coal and then throwing the brick into the direction of boiling water. After the burning, the brick is picked up by another group and the whole thing is thrown into the ocean!

Far East International Furniture Festival

Held annually on the last week of January in Phung Hieun, Vietnam, this event boasts more than 100 invited guests. The festival’s main highlight will be presentations of the Emperor and Emperor Sulebi donated by the Prime Minister of Vietnam and the Japanese Emperoraro.

Valentine’s Day in Vietnam

Hanged upon the libraries of every province in the summertime, the event is an opportunity for villagers to give presentations of their latest scientific discoveries and creations. Visitors to Vietnam will also be able to try they are made by local artisans. The villages around the festival provide entertainment by belly dancing, snake charmers, acrobatics, and more.

Hanoi Opera

The Hanoi opera is a form of modern theatre that was created in the late 20th century. It became known as the national opera of Vietnam and is performed at the same level as Chinese, Italian, and Indian Opera. The performances are high paced and follow in 10-1-1 format.

Aquila’s Lounge

Just a short walk from the Best Western Cabo, Aquila’s lounge is a more relaxed evening spot. However, if crowds are not your thing there is a good live music stream coming from a local partnership. The lounge is allowed to have only a limited amount of alcohol, so do not hang out here during Hanoi tours!

Red Horse

Red Horse is the bar and restaurant that is built on the left side of the 900-seat restaurant and seated chatting directly next to the restaurant’s entrance. Again, Red Horse serves food that is highly influenced by northwest Vietnamese cuisine with dishes like their signature salad and soup specialties.

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