Visit Nine Historical Places of Cambodia

Phra Nakhon Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia belongs to the Southeast Asian nations. Cambodia relies solely on its textile and garment production and industry as well as tourism to sustain the needs of the country. As for tourism, everybody wants to go visit historical places, and here are some of the 10 historical places of Cambodia that you should visit.

1) Angkor Archaeological Landscape

This is the area with the greatest number of historical sites in Cambodia. Here, you can see the ruins of the multi-ethnic Khmer culture. Here, you can also see temples as well as the typical Angkorian clothing.

2) Bokor National Park

This is an isolated forest-covered area within the fellows of Cambodia. Here, you can see a variety of forest-dwelling animals in their natural habitat. This is a great place to see birds as well as a variety of animals.

4) Kompong Luong

This floating village is a great place to go to. Here, you will get to see a wide variety of river life, from fishes to the crocodiles to monkeys. You can also swim with the dolphins here.

5) Phrom the Piper

This is a great place to go if you want to see traditional Cambodian houses and still see the original architecture. Here, you will also see Phrom trainers giving onto the locals.

6) Chang Rai

The only town in Cambodia that looks like it is in Thailand. You can see Pike’s Palace and all its glory right in Chang Rai. You will also see Thai fishing boats as well as the famous Angeles Safari Hotel.

7) Phrom Pan

In this area, you will enjoy the scenery where you can walk along the causeway. You can also visit Kepoech Park if you want to spend your day outdoors and to see the colorful flowers. One of the greatest places to visit in this area is the muay Thai Boxing Stadium.

8) Wat Laos tou Loi

This is a great place to get to know the Lao people in the area. You will learn about their hoveling habits and even their typical meals. A visit to this place would also help you in your Lao learning adventures.

9) The infamous Juicy Burger

Whether you like it or not, the juicy burgers a fact. It is said that obesity is not a problem in Cambodia and this burger is their answer to keeping their giants thin. But fast food is not the only thing available in this burger paradise. They also sell arts and crafts.

10) Phnom Penh

The Angkor National Archaeological Park is not only a World Heritage Site, but it also represents a great historic land. Here, you can see the archeological remains of Angkor as well as everyday items typical to the Angkor culture. This is a great place to visit if you want to see historical remains.

If you visit Phnom Penh, you will find that there are a lot of places to visit here like the Wat Phnom, The Royal Palace, and Wat PhnomFinal. As a visitor, you can also see a lot of favorite tourist spots and landmarks in Phnom Penh. To name a few, you can visit the Royal Palace and see the Wat Phnom, which is their oldest structure. You can also visit the Great Market. There, you can have a stroll in the market place though you can also see a lot of Bangkok’s problem. You can also visit Wat Phnom and see the world’s largest flower, which is the orchid. Other places that you can visit include the Tonlei Lake and the many Buddhist temples around the lake.

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